Summer Worship Schedule, ONE SERVICE @ 10:30am, June 30 - August 18.

PVPC Small Groups

When Jesus launched His ministry, the first thing He did was start a Small Group. 

Small Groups. Big Impact.

At PVPC we believe that the best way for Christians to grow in their faith is through life-on-life relationships in small groups that focus on prayer, Bible study and fellowship. These relationships provide the accountability and security needed to grow toward maturity in Christ. The depths of our relationships and commitments to one another are important to God. That’s why small groups are so important to us, and why we encourage you to join one.

Small groups are where close relationships form and develop- where you can truly connect with others and make the Church experience all that God meant it to be. God intended us to experience life together- to enjoy the fellowship of those around us in meaningful ways that include loving, serving, sharing and providing comfort and understanding.

PVPC offers a wide variety of small groups to choose from including weekly:

  • Mixed Small Groups
  • Young Parents Small Groups
  • Men’s Small Groups
  • Women’s Small Groups
  • DivorceCare Small Groups

For a full list of our current small group offerings, please click on the downloadable PDF in the upper right sidebar of this page.