Summer Worship Schedule, ONE SERVICE @ 10:30am, June 30 - August 18.

PVPC Visual Arts Ministry

Create and connect

Sharing the Love of God through Artistic Expression

PVPC’s Visual Arts Ministry is a place for anyone to come and connect with God through the visual arts. Through artistic expression, we help people hear God’s voice, experience His hope and joy and share His love with others. From children to adults, beginners to masters, we utilize art to inspire people to grow in their faith and foster deeper relationships with Christ, and with one another.

On Tuesdays at 9:30 am, we offer a “Tuesday Dabblers” meet-up where artists can come to the PVPC kitchen and paint together.

We also have our own gallery– Bethel Gallery, located inside PVPC where we host a regular schedule of exhibitions to showcase the artistic talents of ministry members, our congregation, and the local creative community.

God was the first and greatest Creator. He created you and gave everyone the ability to create. Join PVPC’s visual arts ministry and discover the joy and fulfillment that comes with combining a love for art, Jesus and people.

Visual Arts Ministry

CONTACT: Diana Patterson

TUESDAY “DABBLERS”: 9:30AM every Tuesday in the PVPC Kitchen in Building A.